Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer when you visit a website. The reason for these files is to personalize the exploration of visitors and collect automatic information on access to and use of the site.

If you want to disenable them, you can choose from the options of the browser you use. Or navigate anonymously using the relative function of the browser.

To access the complete legislation, please see this page.

This site uses only these cookies:


JSESSIONIDA technical cookie which expires at the end of the navigation session. It is used by the site to store the status of the pages during navigation.
__utmaIt keeps a record of how many times a visitor accesses the site, when the first visit was and when the last one was. Google Analytics uses this cookie to calculate, for example, the days and the accesses after which a user completes an order from the first access.
__utmb  __utmcThese two cookies work together and calculate the length of a visit. The _utmb cookie  keeps a record of the exact time a user enters the site, while the _utmc cookie keeps a record of the exact time a user leaves the site.
__utmtThis lets Google Analytics adjust its servers to a large amount of data, without having to deal with an overload of requests.
__utmzThis keeps a record of the geographic origin of users, which search engines they have used, which key word they have searched for to access the site.
cb-enabledThis technical cookie expires after 1 year for the management of the notify bar on cookie management.