The entry of Custos Francesco Patton into Jerusalem

 Christian Media Center |  June 8, 2016

Father Francesco Patton made his official entry into Jerusalem on Monday, June 6th, becoming the 168th Custos in charge. According to a secular tradition, the first entry took place through the Jaffa Gate.

A large and diversified group of people gathered at Jaffa Gate and welcomed Fr. Francesco Patton. amid the notes of the song "Lauda Jerusalem Dominum" and the sound of festive bells, the crowd processed to the Monastery of St. Savior, the seat of the Custodial Curia. The Franciscan friars and the new Custos were followed by the representatives, the heads of Churches and the general consuls together with the civil authorities and many faithful.

Israelis and Palestinians: an Agreement on Water

For the needs of the people in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip, Israel will give to the Palestinian National Authority more than 30 millions cubic meters of water every year.

Fr. Michael Perry: We Want Peace for the People of Syria

An interview with the Minister-General of the Friars Minor, who has just returned from a visit to the Franciscan communities in Lebanon and Syria. Fr. Michael A. Perry tells us what he saw and then also reported to Pope Francis.

Final Stage of the Renovation of the Holy Sepulcher

After nine months of meticulous work, the restoration of the Holy Sepulcher has reached its final stages. The scaffoldings that were mounted around the edicule, have already been removed.

The Walls of Baghdad Are Coloured by Hope

The Iraqi capital, completely overwhelmed by war and terrorism, is now fragmented by many walls that surround neighbourhoods, churches and public buildings… Barriers of defence which now become large canvases.