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Dear Friends,

Over the years, has endeavoured to explain the life of the Church in the Middle East and, in particular, in the Holy Places.

We have dealt with crises and conflicts, always looking for seeds of hope. We have opened a window on the current social and political situation facing countries on the other side of the Mediterranean, as well as covering the issue of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, especially giving voice to Christian communities. We have offered an overview of the culture and the archaeological treasures of the region, underlining the extraordinary centuries-old presence of the Franciscans in the Holy Land, linked to the Custody of the Holy Places that is at the service of the local Church.

A few months ago, expanded its online coverage, adding to French, Spanish and Portuguese to the Italian and English sections. It has been a commitment that, added to our presence on social networks, has allowed us to significantly expand our number of readers (now many thousands), in every corner of the globe. We are now able to bring the extraordinary message of the Holy Places of the faith to all five continents.

In order to continue to improve awareness about the reality of the Middle East and the Christian presence in the Holy Land, I would also like to ask for your help.

The commitment that we have undertaken requires the support and sharing of our friends and readers.

A concrete way to do this is to donate a contribution through the Fondazione Terra Santa, the cultural foundation of the Custody of the Holy Land which publishes our titles (both electronic and paper).

A donation - however small but from many - will be indispensable in helping us to offer a better service to all our readers, and to further the cause of the Holy Land.

Thank you for your attention and your help.

Giuseppe Caffulli


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