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‘Edizioni Terra Santa' (a branch of Fondazione Terra Santa) is the publishing house of the Custody of the Holy Land in Italy, providing news and information on the Christian, Jewish and Muslim holy sites.

Founded in 2005, ETS re-launched the Press Center which had been running in Milan since 1930. In addition to this website, founded in April 2006, ETS publishes two periodicals in Italian (Eco di Terrasanta and Terrasanta). It also promotes cultural initiatives linked to the Holy Land and the Middle East such as conferences, book presentations, and courses.

This website is not official publications of the Custody of the Holy Land. Therefore it does not necessarily express the viewpoint of the Custody on the various subjects covered.


Edizioni Terra Santa - Fondazione Terra Santa

via G. Gherardini, 5

20145 Milano


tel.: +39 02 34592679

fax: +39 02 31801980


Online magazine of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, published by Edizioni Terra Santa - Fondazione Terra Santa.

Editor: Giuseppe Caffulli

Editorial: Carlo Giorgi

Giampiero Sandionigi

Recordedon Apr 14, 2006, no. 278 of Registro della Stampa - Cancelleria del Tribunale di Milano.

Property: Custodia di Terra Santa via M. Boiardo, 16 - 00185 Roma

President of Fondazione Terra Santa: Giuseppe Ferrari