A Tribute to Father Michele Piccirillo

To mark the fourth anniversary of his death, 37 respected scholars have contributed to this book in honor of Father Michele Piccirillo, the Franciscan friar of the Custody and world-renowned archaeologist. "Christ is Here!" supplies a thorough and highly impressive bibliography containing Father Piccirillo’s archaeological discoveries and achievements.

Two-State Solution, the Only Possible Path

This is an objective analysis of various case studies that could be applied to the possibility of a two-state solution, and the lessons to be learned from them. Mitchell looks at the problems that have hindered a two-state solution, and draws out what made them succeed or fail.

A Judaism of Hope

The celebrated British-Jewish historian says the Jewish story “is everybody’s story” as it is one of tenacity, resilience, suffering, exuberance, and of choosing life over death. Thus, rather than painting a bleak picture of uninterrupted tragedy as many perceive Judaism today, Schama conjures up an image of a religion that exudes life and culture.

Inside Machaerus

All things considered, the life of the fortified complex of Machaerus was of short duration: built not far from the eastern bank of the Dead Sea in around 90 BC, it was razed to the ground less than two centuries later, in 72 AD, by Roman troops. Today the hill of Machaerus is one of the most interesting and finest archaeological sites in Jordan. The Hungarian archaeologist Győző Vörös has devoted a richly illustrated book to it, which reconstructs both its history and the development of the archaeological investigations in situ.

Discovering Palestine On Foot

There is another Palestine which is completely different from the one you see on TV. It is the wild and natural Palestine, to be explored on foot. Stefan Szepesi allows us to discover it in his book Walking Palestine: 25 journeys into the West Bank. More than 250 kilometres of paths, of varying difficulty, from the simple walk along the remains of the walls of the ancient city of Samaria, near Nablus, to the steps and the rocky climb of Wadi Qelt.

Vivid Palestinian Insights

The raw reality of exile and home are brought to life in this series of essays, poems, and lyrics by fifteen leading Palestinian authors. They offer vivid insights into the agony of uprootedness and longing for a homeland. Poignant, humorous, and intimate, this is a rich and original take on what life means to those who live for, and seek, Palestine.

Palestine Re-lived

Three Millennia at War

Archaeology Rediscovered

Looking Beyond Survival