Israelis and Palestinians: an Agreement on Water |  July 18, 2017

Water is one of the most precious resources in the Middle East

For the needs of the people in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip, Israel will give to the Palestinian National Authority more than 30 millions cubic meters of water every year.

(g.s.) - The Palestinian National Authority is going to buy from Israel 30 millions cubic meters of water every year at controlled prices, to quench West Bank and Gaza Strip's thirst. It's the result of an agreement signed on the 13 July between the two parts, thanks to United States' mediation.

The precious liquid, to be desalinated, is going to be drawn from the pipes supplying the Dead Sea, which is dramatically receding, with water from the Red Sea.

An ambitious project with some matter of uncertainty, especially for what concerns the compatibility of Red Sea waters with the great salt lake's ecosystem. Governments of Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian National Authority started thinking about it in 2005, when they asked to the World Bank for loans and feasibility studies.

A subsequent memorandum of agreement was signed in 2013 to start the project, which entered the operational phase in 2015. It is about to realize pipelines between the two seas and a powerful desalination plant, to make drinkable the water that will flow into Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian water mains. The overall cost is expected to be 900 millions dollars and works will be completed in four or five years, reported Haaretz.

The agreement signed by Israelis and Palestinians on the 13 July eventually formalizes what had already been planned in 2013.

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