Gaza Ceasefire Holds, But Long-Term Plan Still Needed

Young and old Palestinians greeting a masked militant fas they celebrate the cease-fire in Gaza City, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014. (photo: Emad Nassar/Flash90)

A ceasefire ending the 50-day Gaza conflict that left 2,145 Palestinians and some 70 Israelis dead went into effect at 7pm (16:00 GMT) local time on Tuesday. While many leaders have expressed backing for the truce, they are also voicing the need for actions to secure long-lasting peace. Full story

Video - A New Online Booking System for Groups of Pilgrims in Holy Land

On August 18, 150 Holy Land pilgrimage operators met at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Savior for the presentation of the Online Booking System. Participants were invited by the Christian Information Center. The online system is a new way to book masses at the shrines of the Custody of the Holy Land. Full story

Video - Parents' Circle: For Reconciliation Between Israelis and Palestinians

In these days of war, Parents' Circle is in the streets of Israel asking for a different path. The association was created in 1995 and gathers relatives of victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict who are seeking an alternative to war and hatred between the two peoples. Full story

Aleppo's Latin Catholics Plea For Prayers: "Human Life No Longer Has Value Here"

“We need to halt the river of blood on both sides ... Human life no longer has any value here! But we believe in the power of prayer and ask that you pray for peace.” These are the words from today’s appeal by Bishop Georges Abou Khazen, Apostolic Vicar for Latin Catholics of Aleppo, the Syrian city surviving a constant state of siege since 2012. Full story

Leah Shakdiel: Disintegration of Israeli Society into Racism and Apartheid

For the Israeli peace activist Leah Shakdiel, “Hamas can hurt and kill us, maim and scare, but it cannot destroy us”. “The disintegration of Israeli society into racism, apartheid (in the West Bank) and disproportionate killing of civilians in the course of handling security issues on the Gaza border – well these ailments can and will destroy us and therefore they are much more dangerous” she told Terrasanta.net. Full story

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A Tribute to Father Michele Piccirillo

To mark the fourth anniversary of his death, 37 respected scholars have contributed to this book in honor of Father Michele Piccirillo, the Franciscan friar of the Custody and world-renowned archaeologist. "Christ is Here!" supplies a thorough and highly impressive bibliography containing Father Piccirillo’s archaeological discoveries and achievements.

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Video - Medicine and Faith Through the History of Jerusalem

How can faith and science meet? And medicine and miracles come to an agreement, in a city considered holy by three religions? The answer to this question is dealt with in an exhibition opened until April 2015 at the Tower of David, which traces the history of medical science in Jerusalem from biblical times to the present. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the contribution of the Church in the field of health care.

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Video - Magdala Center Opening

«God invites us to dream big. Thus the Magdala Center project was born, like a dream that God wanted to bless.» These are the words of Father Juan Solana. With the participation of religious and civil authorities, the Magdala Archaeological Park was opened and the dedication of the Duc In Altum Spirituality Center took place: a day of great joy, on May 28th, 2014.

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