The Israeli High Court of Justice Rejects the Rules Against the "Infiltrators"

African migrants protest outside Holot detention center, in the Negev Desert, southern Israel. (foto Flash90)

The Israeli government has three months to dismantle the detention camp of Holot, in the Negev Desert, according to a decision pronounced on 22nd September by the Israeli High Court of Justice. At least 2,200 African immigrants, mainly Eritrean and Sudanese, are confined to the camp for an indefinite period of time. Full story

Bishop Warduni from Baghdad: "It Is Urgent to Defeat ISIS"

“Be careful! The day will come when, if these terrorists are not stopped in Iraq, they will go elsewhere. They behave like cannibals! Their action is against the whole of humanity not just against Iraq.” The words of Shlemon Warduni, auxiliary Chaldean bishop of Baghdad show no mercy and echo like those of a prophet... Full story

The Name Mohammad Is Breaking Records in Israel

The most popular boy’s name for babies born in the Jewish state in the past 12 months is Mohammad, even though the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics – on the occasion of the Jewish New Year of 5775 which falls on 25th September – has drawn up a list with names that are certainly more in keeping with the tradition of the Chosen People: Yosef, Daniel, Uri, Yitai and Omer. Full story

Bishop Audo, of Caritas Syria: "The War Has Impoverished Our People"

“Today in Syria we have all become poor. In this situation of poverty, however, the Christian component has greater defences,” says Mons. Antoine Audo, Chaldean bishop of  Aleppo and chairman of the Syrian Caritas. The bishop also tells us, however, of concrete episodes which show the dignity of a people who do not resign themselves to barbarianism. Full story

Video - Face to Face With the New Melkite Archbishop of Galilee

“I have only one wish: that the clergy be a good clergy and that the laity be a good laity, in the image of Christ.” In a few words, we can summarize the pastoral program of Archbishop George Bacouni, the new pastor of the Greek Catholic diocese of Acre, Haifa, Nazareth and all Galilee. It consists of 33 parishes led by 36 priests, caring of 76,000 faithful and it is the largest Christian community in the whole of Galilee. Full story

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A Tribute to Father Michele Piccirillo

To mark the fourth anniversary of his death, 37 respected scholars have contributed to this book in honor of Father Michele Piccirillo, the Franciscan friar of the Custody and world-renowned archaeologist. "Christ is Here!" supplies a thorough and highly impressive bibliography containing Father Piccirillo’s archaeological discoveries and achievements.

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Video - Medicine and Faith Through the History of Jerusalem

How can faith and science meet? And medicine and miracles come to an agreement, in a city considered holy by three religions? The answer to this question is dealt with in an exhibition opened until April 2015 at the Tower of David, which traces the history of medical science in Jerusalem from biblical times to the present. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the contribution of the Church in the field of health care.

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Video - Magdala Center Opening

«God invites us to dream big. Thus the Magdala Center project was born, like a dream that God wanted to bless.» These are the words of Father Juan Solana. With the participation of religious and civil authorities, the Magdala Archaeological Park was opened and the dedication of the Duc In Altum Spirituality Center took place: a day of great joy, on May 28th, 2014.

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