Violence Grows After Israeli Teens And Palestinian Youth Deaths

Palestinian clash with Israeli police in East Jerusalem following the reports of the body of a Palestinian teen Beit Hanina who was found killed in a suspected revenge attack for the killing of three Jewish teens. (Photo: Sliman Khader/Flash90)

Spiraling violence following the discovery on Monday of the lifeless bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers, and the alleged revenge murder of a 16-year old Palestinian boy abducted near his home on Tuesday, is raising fears of another full-blown Palestinian uprising and reciprocal military operations by Israeli authorities. Full story

Galilee Welcomes Georges Bacouni As New Archbishop

The Melkite Patriarch of Antioch, Gregorios III Laham, with the approval of the Synod of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, has transferred Archbishop Georges Bacouni to the Archeparchy of Akka (Akko) in Israel.
Akka’s Archeparchy consists of 80,000 Catholics and is subdivided in 30 parishes. Its bishopric and curia are based in Haifa. Full story

Australia Removes Adjective "Occupied" from East Jerusalem

In a statement released on June 5, the Australian government supported recent remarks by Attorney General George Brandis claiming that the description of “East Jerusalem as occupied East Jerusalem is a term freighted with pejorative implications.” Israeli government was quick to offer his appreciation of Australia. On the contrary the news has not been well received by Palestinian counterparts. Full story

For Peace Amongst Equals and Brothers, an Invocation in the Vatican

“We are brothers, the children of the same Father: only if we recognize this, can peace come.” The pilgrimage of Pope Francis in the Holy Land came to a conclusion in the Vatican on Sunday, 8th June, the feast of Pentecost, with these words which are like a universal legacy for believers of all times. On 25th May, the Pope had invited “to his home” the Palestinian and Israeli Presidents, Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres, to pray together for peace. Full story

Video - The Maronite Patriarch's Visit to the Holy Land

The Holy Land visit of the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Raï was a great feast for the people. The patriarchs of this Church of the Eastern Rite that are in full communion with Rome, have not visited these holy places for 66 years. Rai’s visit was of a spiritual and religious nature, made it with the intent of welcoming and accompanying Pope Francis. Full story

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A Judaism of Hope

The celebrated British-Jewish historian says the Jewish story “is everybody’s story” as it is one of tenacity, resilience, suffering, exuberance, and of choosing life over death. Thus, rather than painting a bleak picture of uninterrupted tragedy as many perceive Judaism today, Schama conjures up an image of a religion that exudes life and culture.

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Video - Medicine and Faith Through the History of Jerusalem

How can faith and science meet? And medicine and miracles come to an agreement, in a city considered holy by three religions? The answer to this question is dealt with in an exhibition opened until April 2015 at the Tower of David, which traces the history of medical science in Jerusalem from biblical times to the present. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the contribution of the Church in the field of health care.

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Video - Magdala Center Opening

«God invites us to dream big. Thus the Magdala Center project was born, like a dream that God wanted to bless.» These are the words of Father Juan Solana. With the participation of religious and civil authorities, the Magdala Archaeological Park was opened and the dedication of the Duc In Altum Spirituality Center took place: a day of great joy, on May 28th, 2014.

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