Social Media Sounds In Where Many Dare Not Speak

Dania Darwish and Abraham Gutman.

As Israel's offensive in Gaza enters its third and deadliest week, a student from Tel Aviv in New York and a Syrian Muslim classmate are using social media platforms to promote the message "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies". With 7,000 followers Abraham Gutman and Dania Darwish hope to encourage peace and coexistence. Full story

Ceasefire Backed By Broader Action For Gaza Conflict, Say Church Groups

A strongly-worded letter by an 11-member committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in the United Sates calling for an immediate ceasefire of the Israeli offensive in Gaza also called for a deeper-reaching U.S. policy change in the region. “To achieve a lasting peace, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, including the siege of Gaza, must end,” said the message sent to U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this week. Full story

Syria: Franciscan Monastery in Yacubiyah Hit By Missile

On Sunday evening, July 20th, an air-launched missile struck the Franciscan monastery in Yacubiyah, a village located not far from the Turkish border in the Orontes Valley in north-west Syria. The building belonging to the Friars Minor of the Custody of the Holy Land was severely damaged. No casualties. Full story

Rare But Not Silent, Voices of Peace in Israel

Although a minority and drowned out by the explosions of the bombs (and at times by the violent dissent of nationalist demonstrators), the voice of dialogue and peace in Israel is being raised. Last Saturday, 12th July, in the town of Tira, with an Arab majority, near Tel Aviv, there was a demonstration with some 400 people, Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens. Experiments of “good neighbourliness” on the borders of the Gaza Strip. Full story

Video - Caritas Jerusalem and Humanitarian Emergency in Gaza Strip

Because of Israeli military intervention, a new humanitarian emergency has broken out among the population of Gaza Strip. The count of victims, of destroyed homes and displaced persons is being continually updated, with figures that are becoming more and more tragic by the hour. Caritas Jerusalem is constantly being updated to be able to better plan interventions. Full story

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A Judaism of Hope

The celebrated British-Jewish historian says the Jewish story “is everybody’s story” as it is one of tenacity, resilience, suffering, exuberance, and of choosing life over death. Thus, rather than painting a bleak picture of uninterrupted tragedy as many perceive Judaism today, Schama conjures up an image of a religion that exudes life and culture.

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Video - Medicine and Faith Through the History of Jerusalem

How can faith and science meet? And medicine and miracles come to an agreement, in a city considered holy by three religions? The answer to this question is dealt with in an exhibition opened until April 2015 at the Tower of David, which traces the history of medical science in Jerusalem from biblical times to the present. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the contribution of the Church in the field of health care.

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Video - Magdala Center Opening

«God invites us to dream big. Thus the Magdala Center project was born, like a dream that God wanted to bless.» These are the words of Father Juan Solana. With the participation of religious and civil authorities, the Magdala Archaeological Park was opened and the dedication of the Duc In Altum Spirituality Center took place: a day of great joy, on May 28th, 2014.

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