A school for the disabled in the heart of the West Bank

A teacher and a child of the Beit Fajjar School

A school for disabled children, to include them in public schools and in Palestinian society. This is the challenge launched in Beit  Fajjar, a village in the West Bank, half way between Bethlehem and Hebron. At the origin of the project is the association Maysoon’s Kids, founded by the Palestinian-US actress and comic Maysoon Zayid, affected by cerebral palsy. Full story

1214-2014: In the Footsteps of St. Francis on the Way to Santiago de Compostela

Though historians are not able to confirm it, according to the 14th-century writings The Little Flowers of St. Francis (Fioretti di san Francesco), in 1214 St. Francis of Assisi visited the tomb of St. James in Galicia (Spain). Spanish Franciscans have decided to celebrate the 800th year anniversary with a series of spiritually inspired events, from concerts to exhibitions, along with initiatives to aid the homeless. Full story

Turkey, The Small Church That Will Embrace Pope Francis

“Ever since the Pope’s visit was first announced, there has been a climate of expectation and now that we have received the official programme, the different commissions preparing for this historic event are at work,” said Fr. Ruben Tierrablanca, a Friar Minor of Mexican origin and Vicar General of the Apostolic Vicariate of Istanbul. Full story

Video - Chapel of the Holy Spirit at the Cenacle Blessed

On Sunday, October 12th, the new chapel dedicated to the Holy Spirit at the Cenacle was opened. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Archbishop José Rodriguez Carballo. The Monastery of Saint Francis on Mount Zion offers pilgrims the opportunity to celebrate the mystery of the Last Supper in a place just a few meters from the Shrine. Full story

Say Farewell to Tel Aviv for Berlin?

The mere idea of ​​abandoning Israel for a life in another country sounds outrageous to many Israelis. Yet a clutch of would-be emigrants are considering just that. The Israeli debate on immigration has resurfaced in recent weeks, especially after a 25-year old created a Facebook page for those who dream of settling in Berlin. Full story

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A Tribute to Father Michele Piccirillo

To mark the fourth anniversary of his death, 37 respected scholars have contributed to this book in honor of Father Michele Piccirillo, the Franciscan friar of the Custody and world-renowned archaeologist. "Christ is Here!" supplies a thorough and highly impressive bibliography containing Father Piccirillo’s archaeological discoveries and achievements.

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Cinema, Art etc.

Video - Medicine and Faith Through the History of Jerusalem

How can faith and science meet? And medicine and miracles come to an agreement, in a city considered holy by three religions? The answer to this question is dealt with in an exhibition opened until April 2015 at the Tower of David, which traces the history of medical science in Jerusalem from biblical times to the present. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the contribution of the Church in the field of health care.

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Video - Magdala Center Opening

«God invites us to dream big. Thus the Magdala Center project was born, like a dream that God wanted to bless.» These are the words of Father Juan Solana. With the participation of religious and civil authorities, the Magdala Archaeological Park was opened and the dedication of the Duc In Altum Spirituality Center took place: a day of great joy, on May 28th, 2014.

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