First Day of School in Israel, A Strike by the Christian Institutes

Children reach their school in Jerusalem on September 1, 2015. (foto Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The 2015-2016 school year opened this morning for over 2 million Israeli schoolchildren and more than 166,000 teachers. The doors stayed closed only for the 33,000 pupils of the Christian schools. The reasons for the strike are explained in a statement released yesterday by the Office of Christian schools. Full story

Father Pizzaballa: "Let's Not Abandon the Holy Land!"

Due to the wars in the Middle East and the attacks by fundamentalist groups that have caused bloodshed in Western countries as well, the numbers of pilgrimages to the Holy Land are undergoing a substantial decline. With the public appeal that we are publishing here, the Custos of the Holy Land calls on us to return to the Holy Places. Full story

Video - The Cornerstone of the Terra Sancta Museum Was Laid in Jerusalem

Today the cornerstone of the Terra Sancta Museum was laid at the Monastery of the Flagellation, in Old Jerusalem. It is a unique project in which the Custody of the Holy Land has decided to invest to expose the roots of Christianity and tell a story that is worth telling. The event was also attended by the consuls of France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United States of America. Full story

Video - Israel, A Serious Fire at Christian Sanctuary of Tabgha

"An act of violence committed by intolerant and callous individuals which damages the image of the Holy Land by offending the country's Christians and the Catholic Church as a whole": this was the statement from the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land concerning the serious fire that broke out during the night between Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th June, at the Benedictine Sanctuary of Tabgha, on the shores of Lake Tiberias in Galilee. Full story

Tourism: Israel Is Also Losing Ground

If it were not for the Jews of the Diaspora, who come and go, and the groups of Christian pilgrims – although not as numerous as in the golden days – the situation would be catastrophic. This is confirmed by the official statistics and the evaluations by the trade: in Israel, as in neighbouring Jordan, tourism is being crippled by war and the social crisis in the Middle East but these are not the only reasons. Full story

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A Tribute to Father Michele Piccirillo

To mark the fourth anniversary of his death, 37 respected scholars have contributed to this book in honor of Father Michele Piccirillo, the Franciscan friar of the Custody and world-renowned archaeologist. "Christ is Here!" supplies a thorough and highly impressive bibliography containing Father Piccirillo’s archaeological discoveries and achievements.

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Cinema, Art etc.

For the 50th Anniversary of the Museum of Israel, a Manuscript from the Vatican

Since 21st May, the Museum of Israel in Jerusalem has had two 15th century illuminated volumes on display, which the public can admire until 20th September. This is a minor event which brings together, after centuries, two parts of the same work: a copy of the Mishne Torah by Moses Maimonides produced in northern Italy around 1457. The initiative was made possible by the collaboration between the Museum and the Vatican Library.

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Video - The Story of Badawi Olive Tree and Its Palestinian Village

In recent decades, Walajeh, a small West Bank village located south of Jerusalem, on the road leading to Bethlehem, has been experiencing many changes due to geopolitical instability in the area. Only this olive tree seems to have kept its existence unchanged for hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of years.

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